Innovative Security Offerings

As a preferred authorized reseller of Wireless Guardian, C&M Consultants provides unique next-generation patented security technology that combines video and signals intelligence that can generate passive revenue for our clients. Historically, improving security has been a high-cost expense for many corporate budgets; however, now with our one-of-a-kind approach, a return on your investment can be achieved in under a year while generating passive revenue for your company over a 10-year span.

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Risk Management Services

Identify strengths and vulnerabilities within your organization’s current security posture. 

Business Development

Support the growth of your nationwide sales teams through our tailored business development advisory services.

Wireless Guardian Solutions

A top-tier preferred reseller of Wireless Guardian solutions, C&M delivers a suite of advanced security solutions to a diverse set of customers.


Safety, Security & Making an Impact.

After a successful career in the U.S. Intelligence Community working counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and counterinsurgency operations and investigations to include cases against Al Qaida terrorists tied to the September 11th attacks and USS Cole bombing, and after several years providing independent oversight over the U.S. governments $80 billion failed effort to reconstruct the Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces, I decided to leave public service and work with Wireless Guardian to provide innovative and unique security solutions that had an immediate impact on our communities.

In 2020, as we were all dealing with global uncertainty and insecurity and protecting our families, our children, and our nation insecurity took on a new dimension, I was introduced to Wireless Guardian.  My wife and business partner decided that we just needed to get away and recalibrate how we were going to approach these uncertain times. Away on vacation at the beach with my family, I found myself pacing the beach shores for hours on calls with Wireless Guardian learning about their patented approach to security and all of the various ways their solution could provide a level of stability and security.  After every call, I had to learn more and I knew I had to partner with them to create solutions that would have a transformative impact on our public safety.

Later that year, Devon (my wife) and I created C&M. Based on a history of careers trying to make a difference and improve the betterment of other people’s lives, C&M was founded on three core principles: improving public safety for our children and communities, secure our nation from domestic and international threats, and work in a profession where you can wake up every morning and to make a positive impact on our society.


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